Your Klout score is what?? Wait..What is KLOUT?

I recently just finished reading one of Mark Schaefer’s best selling influential books, Return on Influence (ROI). This book has turned my mind upside and has made me feel unworthy of using social media. It really has scared me to think that there is so much more to social media than just having fun. I personally cannot compete with the every minute tweet and always posting my feelings, my life, my everything onto a site that I am being judged on constantly.

“I do feel some pressure. I got to this level, and I don’t want to slip. So I’m always tweeting at my work breaks…I never stop.”

This quote by a friend of Mark Schaefer’s explains a little how I feel.

For those of you who do not know what Klout is or what it stands for, here is a little background information: Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the “Klout Score”, which is a numerical value between 1 and 100. However I have not yet reached his social media hierarchy either. Being judged constantly not just by individuals that I know, but individuals and companies all over the world; with a number, with a rank completely distraught my self-esteem.

Going from this, Klout has personally taken over my life and gets checked each and every day to make sure my Klout score of a simple 44 has not gone down.

Speaking about Klout, Mark has thoroughly thought out a plan or best practice themes for us not as good socializers which should be MEMORIZED.

First, do you have a conversational brand? What is that I am thinking. Why does it matter? Great. Now I need a book on this. Any suggestions?

Next, have a strategy. I understand this, have a plan on what you want to tweet or blog about.

Thirdly, make it relevant. Tie it in personally! The audience or your followers do not want you to be fake, they want you. Which for me is the two-job working, full-time student, sorority wanna-be (or actually has-been). This also goes along with the Keep it Real technique, and the Don’t Get to Specific practice.

Then there is also the Keep it Legal and Local. Obviously follow the rules! Then keep it local (at first, unless you can reach a larger geographic range). Pay attention to your perk. Which has to do with Klout and the free merchandise, valuable digital content and so much more. I personally have received two already!

Finally, just make sure the content is shareable. That is self-explanatory I feel. Make sure your audience will be interested and want to ready it.


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