Facebooking your way out of jail!

Go and behold, a 19 year old boy named David White got arrested on Saturday in Massachusetts. Seems to be a pretty typical story of the arrest. He was at a party that got called in by some neighbors because of a noise disturbance, and the boy was arrested for disturbing the peace. So far so typical. However, when he arrived at the jail (you are always allowed a phone call from my understanding) he could not reach anyone through the phone call. So “he asked officers if he could use his phone to post a plea to his Facebook page.” I mead how cool is that!? Yes from my perspective, I would not have put it on Facebook or any other form of social media because I have family members, friends of the family, co-workers and much more that do not need to that I am in jail. It worked out for White, though. Shortly after posting his online call for help, a friend arrived to pay his fee to get him out. This does seem however very generous for the police department to be giving you more than just one chance and yet even your own personal cell phone. Image

For our generation, social media is actually a more sure-fire way to reach out to just about anyone at anytime. The Beverly Police Department has also jumped into the mix, addressing the incident earlier this week on its own Facebook page.

“We allowed it; it worked. We are only required to allow one phone call, but when people are cooperative with us, we work with them, and that was the case here. Another good reason to own a smartphone.”


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