It still stings…

I thought after a night of sleep, many other games played that just maybe everyone wouldn’t be talking about the the huge disappointing Vol game. However I was wrong. We’ve made the news and it doesn’t seem to be going away. [Tennessee adds another disappointing Loss]

“If Tennessee did teach us anything, it’s that conference play is hard. Many believed Georgia was just going to coast through the rest of its schedule following last week’s dramatic win over LSU.

Not so.

And Tennessee has put the conference on notice that it’s getting better and it’s going to put up a fight”

As I was at the game yesterday, I have never heard a stadium get so loud. I have never heard a town come together in such a strong atmosphere and show their love for every other fan, for our team and for our coach. No matter how old, no matter how small, we all were there to show everyone that we are here. We are not a lost team anymore. And If I could quote Butch Jones,

“It’s called Brick by Brick for a reason. Today was a step in the right direction back to GREATNESS.”



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