Gotta love the squirrel!

As I started to watch the President cup today for round 2 I kept hearing about the infamous squirrel. Where did this squirrel come from and what did it have to do with Tiger Woods and Davis Love III? I thought maybe it was a squirrel had come on the course and maybe stole one of the balls, or had moved the ball (which would be a penalty stroke against the USA team). As I kept watching the president cup, I then saw Davis Love III holding a squirrel on his lap! Okay, now I have to find out what is going on. So I searched and came upon the video of Tiger Woods and his girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn.

After watching the video and reading about Davis Love III and the squirrel, I have come to LOVE the golf team USA’s mascot of the squirrel.
Then we find out the squirrel has a name, Sammy! and he has a very moving story which can be found here:


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