Manning IQ Bowl, Who wins?

The obvious part to this competition is that Eli comes in last. The surprising part for this competition is that there are 4 participants. The three you know, Archie, Peyton and Eli. Then there’s the one you don’t know, Cooper. I am not going to waste my time discussing second and third place but merely why Cooper would tell you that intelligence is based on more than just football. Believe it or not, according to Cooper, the world does NOT run on football it runs on energy. According to an interview done by the New Orleans Business Journal, Cooper states, “Everyone thinks football is so important. But it’s just a game. Energy runs the world, you get me? Not football. Energy. And Peyton and Eli don’t know shit about energy investment equity.”

Though football is a great love of mine and being a Tennessee Vol, Peyton is as well. However, I undeniably see Cooper’s point when I drive my car everyday, see planes fly above me, read about wars that have started over the necessity for oil and plug my computer into the wall to be able to write this article. The question then becomes not if Cooper is right, or is the most “intelligent”,  but is there some ill-tempered feelings between the Manning family? Later in the article, Cooper states, “I’m so sick of people treating me like I’m the failure of the Manning family. So my brothers play in the NFL. Whoopdee shit. There are 32 starting NFL quarterbacks. You know how many partners there are at regional energy investment company of this size? Not 32, I’ll tell you that. We’re a division of ScotiaBank, godammit! That shit’s international!” So will boys be boys or will boys be pissed when there brothers become famous for playing a “game”? Ironically Cooper would have seemingly followed the same path as his brothers had his body not failed him. So this blogger replies in the same sense, Cooper don’t know shit about football. The difference is not intelligence, but merely specialization in their respective fields. So who’s smarter? I don’t know..Who’s more important to the world? Probably Cooper, but I am sure about one thing. Eli gets last.


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