Blogging isn’t as easy as 1,2,3..

8 posts later, I finally have realized how to actually work a blogging site. Well to the best of my knowledge as of right now. I will master this! I have been struggling how to use this website in general. It does seem easy to use but then again, I have never blogged so the “terms” are a little new to me. And I thought I was tech-savvy. I have barely touched the surface of knowing the very vast world of technology.

From the beginning, given this assignment of blogging twice a week seemed so difficult. What was I personally going to write about. I do not want to be known as the girl who complains about everything on her blog, I did not want to be the girl who publishes everything about drama and girly stuff. When I asked my boyfriend exactly what I should blog about, he simply put “you”. Wow what a great help he was. That just made it worse for me. He laughed and just said think about yourself, you have a voice and live a pretty interesting life You have something to say, so say it.


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