Fantasy Football isn’t just for boys.

We all know its fantasy football time! Its that time of year where men go crazy and spend money to play in several leagues and spend hours debating who to draft, who to start, what “under the radar” guys they hope to load their bench with. The reason for my rambling is not to rail on men for their typical beliefs that it’s a “man’s game”; it is to state that for the first year I will be participating in TWO fantasy leagues. Now I will say the first one went simple. It was for my work and (yes, p.s. I was the only female in the league) my boyfriend did help me. Now the second one is the large one, it is made up of members of a golf course where I also work. This one my boyfriend does manage and it has taken me two years to be able to be considered for a spot. I know how football works, I know how its played. However I will struggle on who to pick?! I am a very competitive person and playing against a bunch of boys who call themselves men will not be an easy task. But I love a good challenge!


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